Children have strokes too!

I suffered a stroke at the age of six in 1999.

Since then I have had many struggles and triumphs. My struggles include learning to do everything one handed, as a result of my stroke I now have hemiplegia which means I do not have full use of my right arm and leg. I also struggle with fatigue, anxiety and memory issues. I especially struggled with my memory issues through my schooling and VCE years, I have also struggled with my sense of identity and finding my place and goals within this challenge that I was presented.

Now at 23 years old, I have also seen many triumphs throughout this time. I volunteer at Heads Together for ABI which has not only pushed me to strive for more but has pushed me to want more. I have learnt to do everything one handed, learnt to ride a 2-wheeled bike despite my balance issues, learnt to drive a car and completed VCE. I am now working as a carer for other young adults with acquired brain injuries.

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