Cummins Family – First Camp Experience

What an amazing weekend. We headed to Glenmore on the other side of Melbourne for a two day family retreat organised by Heads Together for ABI. Four hours in the car, stopping three times in the first hour I was wondering if it was worth the effort. Within five minutes of walking in I decided the answer to that question was yes! The first person I met, I plan on knowing for a long time. We have mutual friends, live close and her youngest and my eldest are the same age and both have ABIs from similar circumstances.

The amazing volunteers treated everyone like family. Isabelle and Grace were in their element. Our children turned free ranged and were looked after by the village. It gave the true meaning of it takes a village to raise a child.

We met amazing families who were amazingly resilient, courageous in the face of tragedy, hardship and plain bad luck. I met people who embraced their new type of normal. The expectance was oozing, with our children beaming from this vibe despite the lack of sleep. This made me see I need to embrace, learn, educate myself and others. I’m semi lost with my purpose in life, just maybe this is the path I need to go down.

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